Frequently Asked Questions

How can I book Jain Group of Hotels?

Jain Group of Hotels offer various booking options. Besides our service center, which is available from Monday to Saturday 9:30 AM – 6 PM under +91 6295685224 / 25. Land line 03592 204199, you can contact anytime our hotels directly via telephone, email. The easiest and quickest way is to book via our different OTA’S or booking engine in the upper left section of each site, where you simply have to enter the requested hotel and date.

What is the Best price Guarantee?

When booking through our website check the offer link or our service center or directly in our hotel, we guarantee, that you will get the best available rate. If booking is done through our OTA’S there are promotional offer and best rates can be available.

What are the documents that are required during check-in?

In Keeping with our heightened security procedures we request you to kindly present the government approved photo identity proof with address of you and your companion(s)(if any) while checking-in. Foreign nationals are required to present their passport and valid visa and ILP (Inner Line Permit) required in Sikkim which can be obtained while entering the state border from check post . Indian nationals can present any one of these, which is mandatory: Passport, Driving License, Voter ID card, Aadhar Card bearing the holder’s photograph and address.

At what time is check-in?

Generally hotel rooms are available from 12am for check in.

At what time is check-out?

Check-out is generally at 11am. Afterwards the rooms have to get cleaned for the upcoming arrivals.

Is parking available at the hotel?

Most Jain Group Hotels have parking spaces, where your car can safely be stored overnight. Sometimes, there are also parking spaces free of charge at or around the hotel.

What are the reception opening hours?

The reception is open 24 hours depending on location and our colleagues will be at your service day and night.

Can I also book breakfast/dinner/lunch online? What does it cost?

In Jain Group of Hotels all hotels have pure veg restaurants and we provide tasty and delicious meals, there is of course the possibility to book it online. Please choose the requested meals after choosing the hotel room. The costs is different based on what meal plan you choose and which hotel.

Are special requests, such as Pure Jain Food meals or food before Sunset manageable?

We are always trying to fulfil every of your desires. Jain Group hotels offer Pure Jain Food and food before Sunset at request. Please contact our hotels with your special needs.

Can I bring my pet?

Please note that for hygienic reasons pets are usually not allowed at any of the Jian Group properties.

Where can I see the hotel rates? How much is a room/night?

Our rates are calculated on a daily basis. Therefore we cannot give you a general overview of costs. But you can easily enter the arrival dates in our booking engine and our system will search the best available rates for you. Other options are there where you can check the rates online with OTA’s or call our service center directly.

Are the rates per person or per room?

All prices, unless stated otherwise, are on a per-room-basis on Double Occupancy.

Why do the costs vary from day to day?

For one reason they may vary because of fair dates or other high season dates. Other reasons could be that the prices have increased since your last visit on our website. Generally rates will increase, the longer you wait with your booking.

Can I book two rooms of different categories?

Yes it is possible to book two rooms of different categories under one booking.

Can I book two rooms with different occupancy?

Yes it is possible to book two rooms with different occupancy.

Is Wi-Fi available at the hotel/in the room?

In all Jain Group of Hotels Wi Fi is available free of charge in the rooms and in public areas.

Which size are the rooms?

The sizes of the rooms vary from hotel to hotel. Also within a hotel they vary between each category.

Do you offer child rates?

Yes, Jain Group of Hotels offer family-friendly rates. Children from 0-5 years stay free. Children from 6 – 12 years are charged, depending on the hotel. There are also discounts on meals: Children from 0-5 years receive 100%, children from 6-12 years are charged discounted rates depending on hotels.

Can I use the spa area even if I am not staying in your hotel?

The Jain Group Properties which offer spa is open for external guests. For more information about your requested hotel, please check the hotel’s website.

Do you offer hotel shuttles, for example to the next airport or train station?

Unfortunately, most hotels do not offer a hotel shuttle. Our sister concern organization Exotic Sikkim have their own fleet of vehicles, so our Front Desk will be happy to assist you to connect you with Exotic Sikkim or find you a public transport or vehicles.

Can I have breakfast/dinner even if I am not staying in your hotel?

Yes, of course you can enjoy a meal or drink in one of our restaurants. You may also reserve a table with our table reservation or from Front Office at any of our Hotels.

What should I do, if I lost or forgot something in my room?

Please contact the hotel directly. Our rooms will be cleaned daily, so that your item probably has been found by our housekeeping team.

How do I know if the hotel is bookable?

Please choose the hotel you would like to book in the Make Reservation on the upper side. In the next step you will see the availability calendar on the right side of the screen choose the dates you want to book as well as the number of persons, where the dates are marked as bookable (clean box) or not bookable (crossed box). Proceed and it will take you to page with details of rooms with food option choose and enter details.

How many rooms can be booked at once?

The number of rooms showing available can be booked at once.

How can I see which features are included in the price?

A detailed overview will be shown beneath the booking summary, the rate description will show every included service.

For how many persons I can make a reservation? Are bookings for groups possible online?

It depends on the category of rooms which differs at various properties. If you require rooms for more persons, please contact our service center or the hotel directly.

Which credit cards are accepted?

We accept credit cards from MasterCard, Visa, Maestro, @netBanking, American Express.

By when do I have to cancel my booking, if I have to?

This depends on which arrangement you have booked. You can see the cancellation policy in the rate description and on your reservation confirmation.

Can I check-in without my reservation number?

Yes, in case you forgot your reservation number, you can check-in anyway by stating for which name the booking has been made or by giving other details.

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